February 25, 2012

Red Autumn Love Finished

I finished the dress I had started for my sister, the one I found on Nette's blog, right here.
The pattern needed adjustments, but they were easy to make. Basically, I modified it to be larger, for a size 40.

Other than that, I added some detail to the front curved seam and also made the straps overlap at the back.

The corduroy is a great fabric for this pattern, it's very comfy and contributes to the "light & easy" mood of the dress.

So, thank you Nette for a great pattern!

February 19, 2012

Red Autumn Love

This is the project I'm working right now. I found the pattern on one of my favorite sewing blogs, http://nettevivante.blogspot.com, and altered it for my sister's size: 40 (Nette's size is 36).

BurdaStyle 07-2011-110

Pattern:       BurdaStyle 07-2011-110
Size:             20 (altered for size 40)
Fabric:         wool
Techniques: invisible zipper, invisible hem, pleats.
Alterations:  added full lining and modified the front pleats

I started this dress 2 weeks ago I finally got a chance to finish it this weekend. 
I have to say that I'm not very pleased with the result. The fact is that I altered the pattern a little to fit it for my size (40) and it didn't turn out that great.

On the bright side, I sewed an invisible hem and a back vent for the first time, so at least I learned something new.

Here are some more pics:

Image of the whole garment

Invisible zipper and back vent

Some details

Yep, me!

Let the Magic unravel!

It's been a long time since I heard of Pattern Magic and I've been following the projects made by various sewing enthusiasts after these books. So I knew they are GREAT! The only thing left to do for me was to buy them.
And I finally did it!

And they are every bit as awesome as I thought they would be! There are so many patterns I want to try and I can hardly wait!

I hope this week I will start working on one of them, though it will be hard to choose which one will be my First Magic Pattern :)

I incline to start with the insertion of a circular form in the basic bodice pattern, like on this project published on BurdaStyle. I was inspired by seeing this video of She&Him, where Zooey Deschanel wears a somewhat similar dress. I have some dark cherry and yellow wool fabrics that I think would work wonderfully :)