May 4, 2014

Fresh Sorbetto


Patterns: Sorbetto & Moneta Tie Collar by Colette Patterns
Fabrics: light cotton, lace
Alterations: took in the side seams by 4 cm, added a lace upper part, added tie collar
Alterations I should have made: upper the back neckline

Soo, the Sorbetto! This is already a classic in the sewing blogosphere, I'm a little bit embarrassed I haven't tried it until now! Although it was always on my mind! :)

And not only the pattern had to wait it's turn, but also this fabric which has been in my stash for about 4 years I think. I only had 1x1 m of it so I always got stuck when wondering what should I do with it. The choices are limited when dealing with such small amount of fabric and almost always lead to using it for a nice summer top.

So I turned to Sorbetto. The thing is... I didn't have enough fabric for it! :)) I decided to add a lace upper part to the front side. I used some burned pink bias tape to finish the armholes. The lace is backed up by some nude light cotton that I had in my stash and I usually use for interfacing pockets.


The fabric was veery easy to sew and the pattern instructions beautifully described as for every Colette pattern. It took a little bit more time than expected due to the additions I made to the basic pattern.


I recently purchased the Moneta dress pattern and I remembered about the many collar pattern variations that Colette made available along side the Moneta. I was so happy when I saw them! :D I'll surely put them to good use! I thought the tie collar would be a good addition to this Sorbetto and was lucky to have just enough fabric to add it to the front of the blouse. The back of the blouse however, was not that lucky and remained collarless. But i'm fine with that.

The instructions to attach the collar were very straightforward and everything turned out ... pretty! :)



Here are some details of the interior construction: the interfaced front lace and the interfaced back neckline. Next time I'll be making a Sorbetto I'll remember to add a couple of cm to the back neckline opening because I think it's a too deep cut for my liking.


I now have plans for sewing a Beignet and a Hawthorn but I can't decide which one will be first! Decisions, decisions... :)

Until next time!

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